I am a visual designer with 10 years of experience focusing on websites and product strategy. I specialize in creating products with a strong identity and use visual storytelling to present them to users. I love to create simple solutions to solve complex problems. I get excited about experimenting with a new idea, and love the feeling of putting it out into the world.

Led the full design process starting from brainstorms, customer development interviews, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes through to development and testing. I focused on websites: wireframing, prototyping and launching. In 2010 I started to do design + coding by myself using Joomla CMS, then Diafan CMS.

Currently I use Tilda constructor or involve web designers and developers if other CMS needed.

All selected projects below were done with the OZAM team.

Art director
May 2016 – now
Design. Created unique digital content including brand book, layouts, color story, and typography in line with brand vision, ads, landing pages and redesigned complex structure of existing website.

Vienna, Austria – Product Designer
August 2020 – now
Research and product strategy. Conducted 20 interviews with the company's clients. As a result I proposed a new concept for advertising in social networks based on clients' jobs instead of showing the product as is. I tested new hypotheses on Facebook and Instagram, made UX interviews with customers and A/B tests for the website.
Process management. Collaborated with a cross functional team: writers, account executives, project managers, strategists, developers. Achieved deadlines, ensured the quality of my team's work and owned responsibility for the result.



Problem. The tech company had an outdated job platform and blog. In addition, it was impossible for managers to update some materials on the website because previous CMS didn't allow it.
platform for Developers of №1 e-commerce website in Russia

Solution. To create a style that showed the modern spirit of the company and shaped the image of a great employer in the eyes of the developers community. To achieve this, Icreated a convenient platform for the Avito team for publishing articles and events. I tripled the time of the user's presence on the website and resolved the issue of hiring employees.

Award. The Best website on Tilda, September 2020
Problem. A product sells well if it is clearly illustrated. But there were no high-quality photos of the product on the website. In addition, the search function didn’t work correctly and it was unclear how to find the sticker for a particular car model.

domed stickers producer, USA and Canada
Solution. I suggested displaying visual examples on the website for different sticker usesas many clients didn’t know where to use them. I expanded the product line from car stickers to boats, license plates and personal use. I also solved the issue of photographing stickers by making 3d renders for 20 of the most popular car brands. This saved time in the photo shoots and added new colors options.
I completely redesigned the website, connected the layout designer, and wrote a technical task for the Open Cart programmer.
I launched advertising campaigns with new creatives in Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon and Ebay. I created a product page on eBay.
Sales increased 30% with the addition of new pictures.

Problem. The company's website was made in a hurry and did not inspire confidence among buyers. It was not clear how to use the toy. The website was also outdated and was not aimed at the brand’s emerging target audience. All this negatively impacted the conversion.

a teddy bear with a technological filling
Solution. I designed the scenarios of using the bear to show the value of the toy for the parents. I used visual storytelling and short videos to show the child's interaction with the toy.

Award. The Best website on Tilda, August 2020
Problem. The company had an awesome App and illustrations. Their product brought a real fairytale experience to their customers, but their website did not showcase either. It was not clear how this product would help educate and entertain children.

award-winning family entertainment
Solution. It was important to show parents the value of the product for their children: what makes the game useful, in what situations it is used, what problems it solved, why the application is needed and everything else that is important to know before making a decision to purchase. I illustrated the contents of the set and tried to remove all possible objections of the parents: for example, what is the difference between the Papaton set and ordinary fairy tales and how the application changes this experience.
Award. The Best website on Tilda, April 2020
Problem. The company was looking for investors for its projects. The old site did not show the scale of the development and did not impress the producers. RocketFox was constantly participating in festivals, so it was critical for them to have a good website to present after a face-to-face meeting.

animated series producer for kids

Solution. I showed all RocketFox projects on the main page and more details about each project on the separate pages. I emphasized secret projects to attract investors and producers.
Award. The Best website on Tilda, July 2020
Problem. The Macarun Private School provides children with a strong education, while also taking care of the harmonious development of the child's personality. With the transition to distance learning, the school decided to develop online learning but the old website did not inspire confidence in the parents because necessary information was difficult to locate on the website.

private online School
Solution. I redesigned the structure of the website to show advantages of the learning method first. I designed the online store to pay for the classes. I also created a new logo and branding guidelines for the company.
Problem. Mozen is a new app. Taxi companies are not yet aware of its benefits. It is necessary to motivate potential candidates in cooperation with MOZEN so that they can help connect new taxi companies to the service.
taxi App affiliate program
Solution. First, we briefly presented the MOZEN service and described the situation in the taxi market to show the prospects for business development and income for representatives. Then we showed two ways of making money: by connecting taxi drivers and ordinary car owners. An interactive income calculator was created for each method. At the end, we showed what needs to be done and what kind of bonus will be received by those who cope with the plan within 3 months.

Specialist's Degree (5 years) in Information Technology in Design

Saint-Petersburg state University of Aerospace Instrumentation

September 2007 – June 2012
Systems and critical thinking, technical documentation, computer graphics, the theory of composition, color science and coloristic, typography, photography, animation, basics of three-dimensional, object modeling, Adobe Creative Suite, programming (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, C++).

School of Designers in Artem Gorbunov Bureau

Moscow, Russia
September 2017 – June 2018
Studied editing, interface design, typography and layout, negotiations, project management and law. I created the design of web journal “Who is the student” about the students and their work experience.

Tilda Pro Course for senior designers

Moscow, Russia
January 2020 – March 2020
Design course for skilled designers focused on Tilda website builder. I created an e-commerce website for my art “Olga Zonova Art”.

Customer development for Product Managers

November 2020

Segmenting Clients, Jobs To Be Done Frameworks, Riskiest Assumption Test, and Hypothesis Testing Process.

Qmarketing Academy. Full immersion into digital marketing

January – March 2021
Strategy, Customer development, Performance marketing, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram campaign, testing creatives.

Product skills

Product vision
Customer development
UX research
Strong communicator
Conflict regulator
Design Presentation
Project management

Design skills

Interaction design principles
Wireframing and prototyping
Style guides
Graphic design
Branding, typography
and color theory
Understanding HTML/CSS
Advertising photo retouching
Basic animation
Video editing
Traditional art skills
Familiar with Wordpress CMS

Use everyday

Tilda website builder

In some projects

Wacom Tablet
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premier